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      Mission Statement

      The mission of Pony Basketball is to create a cohesive and seamless basketball program in the Stillwater School District from grades 4-12 necessary to instill a championship tradition built upon the values of integrity, responsibility and teamwork by equipping players with the tools to reach their full potential as teammates, students, leaders, sons, fathers, husbands, citizens and Ponies and not just basketball players through providing the necessary financial, logistical and moral support and structure needed to achieve these results.

      Brady Hannigan

      Varsity Heach Coach

      Dan De St. Aubin

      Youth President

      Volunteer Opportunities Available for February 2, 2019 Tournament(s)

      Pony Boys Basketball will be hosting a full day of tournaments on Saturday, February 2nd 2019 (Super Bowl Weekend) at the Stillwater High School/PAC. The day will begin with a GNBL Basketball Tournament for 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams, with the first games starting at 8AM. The last games beginning at 1:50PM. The GNBL Tournament will be followed by the Stillwater Boys’ Traveling Basketball Invitational Tournament. This tournament will feature 5th Grade A Teams, 7th Grade A, B & C teams and 8th Grade A, B & C teams. Games will start at 3PM and will be done by 10PM. Volunteers are being sought for shifts throughout the day. Volunteer Opportunities are available beginning with a 6AM Shift and run through 10PM. Information regarding available tasks and shifts can be found here. “Parents/Guardians are expected to participate in the Stillwater Boys Traveling fundraising as a volunteer at our annual tournaments. There is a requirement of one dibs shift per travel player, with a maximum of two total dibs shifts per family. A ‘dibs shift’ is often, but not always, a 4 hour long volunteer shift during our tournament.”

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